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Bikes give you everything you could need from a vehicle: speed, durability, and a low carbon footprint. It’s no wonder that so many people in urban areas are using them for both recreational and even professional transportation. Bicycles are cheaper thanMountain Bikes automobiles, and are healthier to use.

If your bicycle sees a lot of use, you’ll eventually need bicycle repair. This is fortunately much cheaper than car repair. You’ll have a wide range of options when it comes to fixing bikes. Ask the person making the repairs whether it’s best to fix what’s present, or to replace the damaged parts altogether.

The variety and interchangeability of bike parts also gives you many customization options. The bike you buy off the rack is just the beginning. With the right adjustments, it can be turned into an off-road dirt hog, or a stripped down street speeder.

Services like repairs and new parts purchases can all be found at a bike store. These are the nerve centers of the bicycling community. Not only can you buy new materials in these places, you can also meet other bicyclists and learn about the best kinds of gear for your own bike. You can find just about all the different kinds of bikes at these places, ranging from recumbent bikes to fixed gear bikes.

With all these advantages, is it any surprise that bike sales are increasing? If you’re ready to join the fun, your first step should be to visit the Florin Bicycle Center in Sacramento, CA.

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